CellectClub: a world of privileges

As a reward for your loyalty, we have created the CellectClub: a select group of privileged clients in a club that showers you with exclusive gifts and transforms your skincare routine into an unforgettable moment of self-care. When you become a CellectClub member, you earn points and enjoy exceptional advantages tailored to your Club status.

Loyalty rewards that enhance your beauty routine

Being a CellectClub member brings you exclusive rewards and advantages, such as VIP treatment on your birthday. From your very first purchase, you earn points that you can redeem for skincare products that will be superb additions to your beauty routine.

How to earn points ?

  • With each purchase
  • Earn 10 points by subscribing to our Cellcosmet and Cellmen newsletter (only the first subscription is eligible for points)
  • Earn 10 points by referring a friend, when that friend places their first order
  • Earn 10 points on your birthday
  • Each time you move up in status (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

It’s easy:
GBP 10 spent
= 1 point earned

Earn points as you shop: USD 10 spent = 1 point earned

Treat yourself to the product or products of your choice: 1 point earned = USD 1 of purchase value that you can use on the official Cellcosmet and Cellmen online shop, good for all skincare products from any of our product ranges.

Each earned point remains good for one year. We notify you by email one month before any points are scheduled to expire, so you can exchange them for your favourite products before they do.



Exclusive free privileges for every status level

In addition to all the points you earn, we reward your loyalty by regularly sending wonderful gifts, specifically chosen for your skincare preferences, to enhance your beauty rituals. These advantages keep pace with your CellectClub status level.

when you reach USD 500 in product purchases over the course of a year

  • +10 bonus points
  • Access to exclusive offers reserved for Silver status
  • 5 trial-size skincare products free with each order

when you reach USD 1,000 in product purchases over the course of a year

  • +20 bonus points
  • Access to exclusive offers reserved for Gold status
  • 5 trial-size skincare products free with each order

when you reach USD 3,000 in product purchases over the course of a year

  • +30 bonus points
  • Access to exclusive offers reserved for Platinum status
  • 5 trial-size skincare products free with each order

Join now and start pampering yourself today:

To join the CellectClub, all you have to do is open your online client account. This will make you a valued member of our loyalty programme and you can instantly start earning points with your first purchase.

How may we help you?



Frequently asked questions about the CellectClub



Terms and Conditions

With every purchase

Each purchase made on our online shop, when you are logged into your personal online account, will earn you points. These points will be calculated and rounded as follows:

Rounding the purchase amount

USD 10-19 = 1 point earned

USD 20 = 2 points earned

USD 30 = 3 points earned

Exemples d'arrondissement

USD 10-19 = 1 point gagné

USD 20-29 = 2 points gagnés

USD 30-39 = 3 points earned


Points earned can be redeemed once the order for which they were earned has shipped. Should any purchased products be returned, the associated points will be withdrawn.

Amounts on which points are earned exclude taxes and delivery charges.

Points are also earned with certain actions:

  • +10 points when you subscribe to our Cellcosmet and Cellmen newsletter (only the first subscription is eligible for points).

  • +10 points when you refer a friend, when that friend places their first order.

  • +10 points on your birthday.

  • Each time you move up in status (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

1 point = USD 1 in purchase value

You can redeem your earned points as soon as you have earned enough points to convert them into a product. The number of points needed for a given product is always indicated on the product information page.

Yes, simply leave the checkbox blank for the option “Use my loyalty points to purchase this product.” You will thereby keep your points for your next purchase.

Yes, your status level is good for one year from the date you reach it. After one year, your status is recalculated based on your cumulative purchases over the previous 12 months.

The system automatically recognises the product(s) in your shopping basket that you can obtain by redeeming your Cellcosmet and Cellmen loyalty points.


You have a total of 126 points in your account and your basket holds the following items:

  • 1x Gentle Cream Cleanser USD 107

  • 1x Activator Gel USD 105

  • 1x CellCollagen Eye Contour USD 463

Of the products in your basket, your loyalty points can be used to buy either the Gentle Cream Cleanser or the Activator Gel.

A checkbox marked “Use my points to purchase this product” will be displayed by each of these two products.

In the above example, once an item is selected, it will no longer be possible to select the other product to use your points. If you have made a mistake in your selection, please uncheck the checked box, which will then allow you to choose a different product in your basket for which to use your points.

You will be informed of these opportunities by email or in an advertising announcement in the shopping basket (when you are logged into your online account).

Points and membership status are good for 12 months. One month prior to the expiration date, you will receive an email notifying you of the number of points remaining in your account. We will invite you to use them before they expire.

It is entirely possible to create an online account and join our community after placing an order as a guest. You have this option as long as your order has not yet been shipped. However, once you receive the email notification of your order’s shipment, it will no longer be possible to earn the points that could have been earned on that order.

The CellectClub is a rewards programme available exclusively on the www.cellcosmet-cellmen.com website.



1.1 Welcome to the Cellcosmet and Cellmen loyalty programme. By registering as a member of our CellectClub loyalty programme, you agree to honour the following Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Membership in our loyalty programme is free of charge and no purchase is necessary.

1.3 By becoming a Member of the loyalty programme, you will be able to earn points via your purchases and these cumulative points rewarding you for purchases, depending on their number, will place you in various categories that give you access to special offers. As an online Member, Cellcosmet and Cellmen will create a customised experience, including personalised offers and recommendations.

1.4 To take advantage of the special offers available through the loyalty programme, you will be informed of these offers by email at the email address you provided when you created an online account. If, however, you do not wish to receive offers by email, simply unsubscribe at the bottom of the email regarding the CellectClub loyalty programme.

1.5 For more information on how Cellcosmet and Cellmen manage your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy, available here.


2.1 Membership is limited to individuals acting in a personal capacity and not acting on behalf of a company, having a valid and current email address and who are considered to be of legal age by local law in their region or country of residence, or are at least 16 years of age and, if not yet a legal adult, are acting with the consent of a parent, guardian or legal representative. In applicable cases, Cellcosmet and Cellmen reserve the right to request written confirmation of this consent.

2.2 By joining our loyalty programme on cellcosmet-cellmen.com, you confirm that you are considered to be of legal age by local law in your region or country of residence, or are at least 16 years of age and that you have the consent of your parent(s), guardian or legal representative, if applicable, and that you accept these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 Your membership is personally attributed to you and cannot be transferred. It implies compliance with these Terms and Conditions as well as any other rules, guidelines, policies and procedures adopted by Cellcosmet and Cellmen and which you have approved by the act of making purchases and enjoying special offers, advantages and other services. Only one membership is allowed per person and per registered email address.

2.4 The following are not authorised to join the loyalty programme: companies, groups, associations or any other organisation making purchases in bulk or for commercial purposes. This membership cannot be used for resale or other commercial purposes.

2.5 You are responsible for updating your email address and contact details, and keeping this information up to date is a condition of your membership.


3.1 Membership in the loyalty programme entails creating an online account. Membership is limited to the country you specified as being that in which you choose to accept deliveries, and is limited to purchases made online on cellcosmet-cellmen.com.

3.2 The points that you earn are personal and cannot be transferred to another person, whether or not that person is a Member.

3.3 The points earned on a purchase will be deducted from your account if you return or exchange the item.

3.4 To accumulate points during your purchasing, you must first have created an online account or, if you are already a Member, have logged in to “My Account” before making your purchase. It is also possible to place an order and create an account after placing your order. In this case, membership in the loyalty programme and its related advantages will only take effect if the online account was created before the order is shipped.

3.5 You can check your point balance at any time by visiting the My Account page.


4.1 You may terminate your membership by contacting our

. Please note that, from the moment you terminate your membership, you will no longer be a Member and will therefore only be able to make online purchases as a guest. Creation of an account automatically activates membership in the loyalty programme.

4.2 Should you decide to terminate your membership, all remaining points will be deleted from your account. Any credit request will also be cancelled.

4.3 Cellcosmet and Cellmen reserve the right to terminate, alter, limit, suspend or modify the loyalty programme and/or the General Terms and Conditions, at their sole discretion and at any time, in the event of modification of applicable laws, changes to the services provided by Cellcosmet and Cellmen or the introduction of new services. Any change will take effect on the date you are notified, by email, of that change. You have the right to terminate your membership if you do not accept these changes.

4.4 Cellcosmet and Cellmen reserve the right to make minor changes to the loyalty programme and its General Terms and Conditions without notifying you in advance, provided that such changes do not adversely affect membership. We recommend that you remain up to date on the content of the General Terms and Conditions. You will always find the most current version of the General Terms and Conditions on cellcosmet-cellmen.com.

4.5 Any proven abuse of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen loyalty programme, any proven or reasonably supposed fraud, any failure to comply with these General Terms and Conditions and/or any misrepresentation or attitude prejudicial to the interests of Cellcosmet and Cellmen may result in your membership being revoked and will affect your subsequent participation in the Cellcosmet and Cellmen loyalty programme. Should your membership be revoked, all points credited to your account will automatically expire.


5.1 If you have any questions regarding the loyalty programme, you may contact the Cellcosmet and Cellmen Client Service Department by email by filling out this contact form.

5.2 For more information on the CellectClub loyalty programme, you may also consult the Frequently Asked Questions section.  

Updated: 10.09.2020