Enter the new era of cosmetic science

New CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts:  2X the revitalising power

Obtained through biotechnology using an exclusive process, the new CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts, more concentrated and more effective, are stabilised using our exclusive CellControl™ method, for exceptional results on the skin:

. Revitalisation
. Improved elasticity
. Even complexion
. Maintain the skin’s barrier function
. Preserve optimal moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis

In order to choose the right product for your skin, according to its physiological age and needs, each formula has a new cellular index (a scale from CI1 to CI6) indicating its degree of skin-revitalising power.

Postbiotics Complex with multiplied benefits

Another new component born of our scientific expertise: the Postbiotics Complex. This ingenious complex composed of three marine-origin ferments has multiple effects on the skin:

. Helps maintain the skin’s barrier function
. Reveals the complexion’s radiance
. Leaves skin feeling energised
. Has a “lifting*” and firming* effect
. Protects from external elements

Cellular skincare: new formula

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Preserved skin microbiome: a key role in skin quality


Containing at least 90% ingredients of natural origin, our cellular formulas also preserve your skin’s microbiome, crucial for the quality of the skin. The microbiome is the living environment of the microbiota composing it, which is a collection of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi), invisible to the naked eye, living on and inside our body. 

Brand-new sensory experience

Our cellular face creams also offer a new sensory experience. They have citrus fragrance with floral and musky notes, leaving a fresh, light and elegant scent on the skin. Their reimagined texture leaves a non-greasy, silky finish. Quickly absorbed, for a skin that feels incredibly soft.

*In terms of appearance