Our ingredients

Our ingredients: unique savoir-faire for unparalleled effectiveness

Our cellular, botanical and marine expertise along with our holistic approach of skincare led us to create Cellcosmet and Cellmen lines, face and body products which, applied together following a precise ritual, complete and optimise their benefits. Their use guarantees a revitalised, moisturised and radiant skin. These ingredients have brought us our exceptional renown.

CellControl™: the beating heart of our cosmetic research

The CellControlTM method is an internationally known technological process that enables us to preserve the extraordinary revitalising power of CytoPepTM Cellular Extracts during the whole product developing process, an exclusive technique that places Cellap Laboratoire at the forefront of cosmetic science. This exclusive method preserves the biological activity of the extracts until applied on your skin, allowing us to always push the boundaries of skin revitalisation and the personalisation of our skincare.

Now, biotechnology is used to enhance cosmetic formulas and science becomes the answer in the search for beautiful skin. This incomparable savoir-faire means that Cellcosmet and Cellmen are moisturing and revitalising products that respect each skin type’s special needs. The formulas containing the CytoPepTM Cellular Extracts and the Postbiotics Complex preserve the skin microbiome.

Learn about our Cellcosmet and Cellmen cellular skincare products here.

CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts, the latest generation of our signature ingredient

With a revitalising power twice as effective and a higher concentration, the CytoPepTM Cellular Extracts provide, when combined to our optimised formulas, a visible revitalising action and help maintain the skin barrier function. Born from biotechnological process, they respect the Swissmedic standards.

Our tests highlight how they contribute to fundamental skin functions, such as the barrier function. Stabilised with our exclusive CellControlTM method, the proteins and peptides that compose the CytoPepTM Cellular Extracts preserve their integrity and their inherent properties during the whole production process, for an intensely revitalised skin.

Each formula has a new cellular index (scale from CI1 to CI6) indicating its degree of skin-revitalising power. Each level represents a protein concentration of CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts, corresponding to the skin’s physiological age and needs. This allows you to precisely identify the formula that suits you best.

The Postbiotics Complex, the marine source to protect the skin

New component born of our scientific expertise: an ingenious complex composed of three marine-origin ferments. The first (composed of complex molecules), acts like a protective film and helps maintain the skin’s barrier function while improving its elasticity and protecting it against external elements.

The other two ferments are effective in several ways, visibly “lifting*” and firming* skin and revealing the complexion’s true radiance.

Based on our research on microbiome science, our holistic approach allowed us to create formulas that preserve the balance and the diversity of the skin microbiota, fundamental to maintain the quality of the skin.

Hyaluron Expert Complex: your strategic ally in fighting the conspicuous traces of time

Through concerted research by our scientific team, we have developed the Hyaluron Expert Complex, composed of hyaluronic acids of various molecular weights to ensure peak effectiveness. Hyaluronic acid is contained naturally in the skin, a molecule coveted for its well-established moisturising powers, as it can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

The specific molecular formulation of our Hyaluron Expert Complex compensates for your body's organic deficiency in hyaluronic acid, a decline inherent to the passage of time. This complex revitalises your skin, visibly plumps* your face and instantly, visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin regains its natural, springy splendour and again feels youthful and fresh.

As you peruse the pages describing our skincare formulations, you will learn about other exceptional ingredients that contribute to this extraordinary effectiveness.

Ingredients selected for their high performance with a sustainable approach  


We place tremendous importance on the origins and sourcing of our precious ingredients. We select the most effective components available, taking care to choose natural ingredients of sustainable origin whenever possible. Furthermore, these constituents must imperatively be in keeping with our very high standards of quality and effectiveness.

Respectful innovation is a philosophy that we apply to every detail at every stage of every process, from the design to the distribution of our skincare products, by involving our employees.


*In terms of appearance