Responsible beauty

New packaging: Same power but greener

Our new external packaging is recyclable and now adjusted to minimize empty spaces. This evolution meets our commitment to use more recycled materials and ensure recyclability throughout our packaging. All our new packaging is meticulously designed and tested to safeguard the freshness and quality of our formulas throughout their usage. 



The 4 pillars of our ethical and environmental ambitions 

Guided by the principle of “Responsible Beauty”, we care deeply about offering you skincare that is at the forefront of innovation and Swiss excellence and adapted to your specific needs. We formulate and manufacture our products in our own laboratory, respecting the strictest standards of quality, safety and effectiveness while exercising the greatest respect for the environment and the communities we serve.

Ingredients of the highest quality, efficacy and safety

Our formulas contain in average up to 80% ingredients of natural origin, which we aim to increase to 90% for every new formula.

Our texture agents are mostly sourced from sustainably managed biomass (RSPO-certified; COSMOS- or Ecocert1-certified ingredients).

Our emulsifiers are well-tolerated by the skin and have natural origins from sustainably managed biomass (RSPO-certified).

We select the most effective components available, taking care to choose natural ingredients of sustainable origin whenever possible.

In line with our commitment towards a more responsible beauty and our strict quality criteria from start to finish, our products are free from:

. Volatile alcohol
. Silicones
. Microplastics
. Methylisothiazolinone
. Artificial colouring

Besides, we use whenever possible organic, virgin and cold-pressed plant oils.

Irreproachable production standards with minimum impact on environment

We are Swiss made with our own manufacturing facilities where we maintain complete control of quality chain, from the conception and production to the packaging and shipping.

We implement major measures for the protection of water and the treatment of waste, which is recycled or reused by external partners, and for the treatment of industrial effluents and discharges into the air.

Our current and future certifications:

. ISO 9001 for quality management
. ISO 22716 for good manufacturing practices in cosmetics
. ISO 14001 for environmental protection (ongoing)
. SWISSCOS member: Swiss-made guarantee for skincare

We strive to meet these standards, while keeping the most stringent quality and customer satisfaction requirements.

Sustainable packaging for high-quality efficient products

Our packaging is designed to preserve the quality and efficiency of our skincare products, using recycled material produced in a sustainable manner whenever possible.

Our suppliers are locally-based and selected based on their certification related to quality and respect for the environment.

We plan to achieve the following objectives:

. Ensure that more than 80% of our packaging is sustainable by 2025 and 100% by 2027
. Develop packaging mostly biosourced or from postconsumer recycled
. Target a 100% use of certified or recycled paper by 2025


Highest standards at every product lifecycle stage to limit CO2 emissions

We fight climate change by improving the performance of our facilities and transportation to minimise our COemissions.

We plan to predominantly use trains to transport our products from 2023.

To reduce the number of pallets to transport, we optimise the filling of shipping boxes and decrease the size of the secondary packaging. We use recycled or recyclable filling material, pallets made of lighter and recycled compressed wood pallets and recyclable shipping boxes.

We encourage our employees to choose greener modes of transportation to commute, promote soft mobility, provide charging stations for electric cars, foster participation in car sharing and offer to work from home.

1Ecocert, the world's leading specialist in the certification of sustainable practices, is the authority, which delivers the COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and natural Standard) certification. This certification specifies raw materials selection as well as formulation requirements for natural and organic cosmetics, thus allowing them to be commercialised worldwide.