For women and men

For women and men

Our Cellcosmet and Cellmen line give feeling of well-being to your body. Exfoliation to even out your skin texture, intense moisturising* to soothe dry areas or a refreshing action that leaves legs feeling lighter and cools overheated, uncomfortable feet. Discover the expertly formulated skincare products for ultra-targeted results.

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  1. All skin types
  1. Cellcosmet BodyGommage-XT
    Cellcosmet & Cellmen


    156,00 USD
  2. Cellcosmet Repair-XT
    Cellcosmet & Cellmen


    198,00 USD
  3. Cellcosmet Leg n' Foot
    Cellcosmet & Cellmen

    Leg n' Foot-XT

    92,00 USD
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*Hidratación de las capas superficiales de la epidermis

**En términos de aspecto