Our excellence

Swiss excellence meets cosmetic science

Cellap Laboratoire, the parent company and birthplace of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen brands, has made cosmetic skincare an art by pursing the very quintessence of cosmetic science. Our laboratory in Switzerland remains on the leading edge of innovation, forever honing and refining its expertise in a ceaseless quest for superior performance and quality, reflecting Swiss-made excellence.

Skincare born of scientific discipline and inspiration

Cellcosmet and Cellmen  Cellap Laboratoire's skincare lines, evolved from a long history of scientific achievements and human dedication.

Cellular cosmetics first appeared in Switzerland in the 1980s on the shores of Lake Geneva, inspired by empirical medical experimentation conducted by Professor Paul Niehans, founder of cellulotherapy, in the 1930s. A long road of scientific research would nevertheless be travelled before we perfected our CellControl™ method, an exclusive technique that preserves the extraordinary power of the CytoPep™ Cellular Extracts.

Discover the fascinating scientific journey  undertaken in our laboratory each day – the journey that forged our skincare lines and our reputation.


The science of cosmetics: expertise and innovation for every skin type

Cosmetic science – the very soul of our company and hallmark of our skincare products – finds its origins in the extraordinary alliance of the realms of science and beauty.

Our Cellcosmet and Cellmen lines are the result of more than thirty years of research and development, and are based on the latest scientific research, among which the ones on the science of the microbiome. Our biotechnological savoir-faire and expertise of cellular, botanical and marine ingredients allow us to develop formulas with targeted results, perfectly suited for every skin concern.

Born from our laboratory, our exclusive CellControlTM method can stabilise our CytoPepTM Cellular Extracts, keeping their revitalising and moisturising power for the best results on your skin.

Resulting from our latest research, the innovative Postbiotics Complex made from 3 marine-origin ferments, reveal the complexion radiance, leaves skin feeling energised, and protects it from external elements.

Enriched with these two new ingredients, our products are essentially made up of natural-origin, highly concentrated ingredients. Thanks to the complexity of our formulas, our products are exceptionally effective, and able to preserve the balance and diversity of your skin microbiome, for a radiant and revitalised skin.

Cellcosmet and Cellmen: a holistic approach to beauty

Building on our expertise of cellular, botanical and marine ingredients, Cellcosmet and Cellmen have redefined the sensory experience of a beauty routine by offering not only exceptional skincare for your rituals and regimens at home, but also unique skincare programmes in spas and salons.

Because we have a comprehensive approach to caring for your skin, you can trust our beauty experts to give your skin their very best, whether you enjoy our products daily at home or occasionally during a relaxing experience in the skilled hands of our skin-revitalisation specialists. 

Treat yourself to the exquisite pleasure of The SwissCell Spa Experience rituals.